HotMagna has been developing, supporting and managing, secure, robust, and scaleable custom software applications since 2000.


We often say to our customers, don't tell us what you want, tell us what you want to achieve. We are the software experts, but you are the experts of your business. We ask lots of questions. And help you figure out what is going to work best for you.


We use the latest software tools and libraries to provide the most secure, robust, scaleable and lowest ongoing cost solutions.


Infrastructure has become a commodity, and anyone that tells you otherwise is living in another era. We carefully balance outsourcing of virtualised infrastructure to the experts, allowing us more time to spend on making your application perform exactly as you need it to.


We do everything for you, so you don't need to worry about acronyms and technology. Security patches and software updates are automatically applied. We can guaranteee 98% uptime of our systems, without having to break the bank. Our projects are delivered on time and always on budget, and sometimes we deliver projects early.


We used a cloud based helpdesk operating platform to allow you an easy wasy to communicate with us about your applications. We can address bugs, questions, and minor development projects. More significant changes are undertaken as fixed price projects.


We don't undertake significant visual design work. We have partners that we work with to help build beautiful interfaces, or we can use your design agency if you prefer.

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